Idris Elba wins tonnes of funny points on Twitter as he’s forced to admit big bulge was just a mic wire


Filming of 'A Hundred Streets' in London Featuring: Idris Elba Where: London, United Kingdom When: 05 Aug 2014 Credit: Is that a wire in your pocket or are you just happy to see us, Idris? (Picture:

Idris Elba has made us fancy him all over again (*sigh*) after flashing a rather hefty bulge under his trousers, getting loads of attention and then responding in the most hilarious way ever.

The Wire actor whipped up a bit of a frenzy this week when he was pictured filming new movie A Hundred Streets in London.

But forget about what was going on in the film everyone was obsessed with what he appeared to be showcasing underneath his trousers.

And when fans of the 41-year-old actor went wild, Elba realised what had happened and felt the duly need to clear things up.

We kinda wish he hadn’t but we absolutely LOVED his response:

AD_142720240.jpgidrssBravo Idris, bravo.


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