Luis Suarez: I have no Barcelona or Real Madrid transfer clause in Liverpool contract

Now that the EPL is over there will be claims and counter claims as regards contracts of players who are ready to move. One of such already in the limelight is Luis Suarez. Lets hear what he has to say.


Staying put: Luis Suarez of Liverpool (Picture: Getty Images)

Luis Suarez has denied he has a clause in his contract which will make it easier for Spanish giants Real Madrid or Barcelona to sign him.

There have been rumours his deal with Liverpool had a stipulation which included the option for a move to either club, if they bid a certain amount.

But asked at a sponsor’s event in Barcelona the Uruguay striker said: ‘I didn’t sign any contract with clauses prioritising a certain team.

‘My head now is focused on the World Cup. Everyone knows there will be speculation this summer as there always is but I have a contract with Liverpool.’

Of losing out to Manchester City in the Premier League title race, Suarez admitted he was furious at the end of the Crystal Palace match when Reds threw away a three-goal lead to draw.

‘I had a lot…

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