Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho confirmed himself as the Premier League’s biggest hypocrite against Liverpool


The Petulant One: Jose Mourinho refuses to give the ball to Steven Gerrard (Picture: Getty Images)

‘This is not Premier League. This is not the best league in the world. This is football from the 19th century,’ said Jose Mourinho earlier this year after West Ham earned a point at Stamford Bridge.

Yet here we are here a few months later having watched Mourinho’s side employ those exact tactics in two consecutive games, against Atletico Madrid and Liverpool.

Fair enough, his side have earned positive results in both fixtures but how can anybody take Mourinho seriously or have any respect for somebody who continually shows such disrespect to his opponents, fellow managers and the league itself with his antics and claims?

Yet again, the Portuguese boss showed a lack of respect to his managerial opponent, despite being friends with Brendan Rodgers, by disappearing down the Anfield tunnel without shaking…

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