‘Catastrophic mechanical failure’: Afghan helicopter crash kills five British soldiers


Killed: Capt Clarke is among the dead (Picture: PA) Killed: Capt Clarke is among the dead (Picture: PA)

An Army helicopter which crashed in Afghanistan killing five British troops may have suffered ‘catastrophic mechanical failure’, investigators say.

The Lynx Mk9A helicopter was on a routine flight over the Takhta Pul district of Kandahar province, when it fell to the ground with the loss of all crew and passengers.

The dead troops were last night named as Capt Thomas Clarke, WO Spencer Faulkner, Cpl James Walters, all of the Army Air Corps, Flt Lt Rakesh Chauhan of the RAF and L/Cpl Oliver Thomas of the Intelligence Corps.

Claims the Taliban had shot down the aircraft were rejected by the Ministry of Defence today.

The crash, on Saturday morning, was the third biggest single loss of life of British troops since the conflict in Afghanistan began in 2001.

Prime minister David Cameron paid tribute to those who died, by saying: ‘Every…

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