Manchester City undone by a costly mistake from Vincent Kompany at Liverpool to leave questions over their title hopes


Vincent Kompany’s mistake condemned Manchester City to what could be a crucial defeat to title rivals Liverpool. AFP/Getty Images

In the build up to this weekend’s clash at Anfield, Manuel Pellegrini spoke of the need for ‘cool minds’ to prevail, believing that on an emotionally-charged afternoon the side who kept their wits would emerge as the winner.

Emotionally-charged the afternoon certainly was – on a day in which the victims of the Hillsborough disaster were remembered and with so much at stake in the race for the title. Unfortunately for Pellegrini, it was his side who failed to hold their nerve at a crucial juncture.

What will be especially frustrating for Pellegrini is his side squandered a position of strength after hauling themselves back into a game that looked over less than half an hour in. Saturday’s Guardian newspaper mocked up an image of the game as being akin to a…

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