Britain’s Got Talent: Should Paddy & Nico be disqualified after revelations they won another TV talent show?

A must watch


10 How is that even possible!? (Picture: ITV)

Britain’s Got Talent returned to TV last night and, with it, a new star was born in the form of acrobatic dancing granny Paddy Jones – or so we thought.

As many as 10million viewers watched as the sequinned 79-year-old – whose jaw-dropping routine with her young partner Nico Espinosa wowed the show’s judges and studio audience – was catapulted into the semi-finals of the ITV talent show.

Like everyone else watching at home, I rolled my eyes when she toddled out – seemingly supported by Nico. As judge David Walliams said, it looked like it could be a sketch from his Little Britain comedy series.

However, as youthful Nico tossed and twirled the surprisingly agile great-grandmother into the air, the mood of the nation (evident on Twitter) shifted, as we sat there heart-in-throat yet still somehow managing astounded laughter.

5 Amanda Holden’s expression says…

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