Chelsea fans to ‘have a whip round’ to pay Jose Mourinho’s £8,000 FA fine


Aston Villa v Chelsea - Premier League Jose Mourinho had a spat with a referee and got fined (Picture: Getty)

Jose Mourinho might be one of the best-paid football managers in the world, but ordinary Chelsea fans are ready to club together to save him a few quiz.

The Blues boss, who is said to scoop £10million year each in wages, was fined £8,000 this week by the FA following comments made about referee Chris Foy.

Mourinho has protested against the fine, but perhaps he can take it easy – because a collection of his supporters are ready to pay it for him.

Chelsea fans are due to hold collections before the forthcoming Swansea and Sunderland matches in a bid to raise the money for their manager.

FBL-ENG-FA CUP-CHELSEA-STOKE Chelsea fans want to support their manager (Picture: Getty)

The cash will then be sent to Mourinho to pay off the fine, even though it would be mere spare change…

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