Luiz Felipe Scolari bans Brazil World Cup 2014 stars from ‘acrobatic sex’


No dirty tricks: Brazil’s national team (Picture: AP)

Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari has warned his players he will not tolerate anything too energetic in the bedroom during this summer’s World Cup finals.

The former Chelsea boss insists while he is happy for his squad to indulge in a little loving away from the pressures of attempting to win the trophy on home soil, he will be watching out for anything ‘too acrobatic’.

Asked during a press conference whether he planned to issue a ban on his players enjoying pleasures of the flesh during the tournament, Scolari said: ‘The players can have normal sex during the World Cup.

‘Usually normal sex is done in a balanced way but some like to perform acrobatics. We will put limits and survey the players.’

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Keeping an eye out: Brazil’s…

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