Manchester United raise fans’ spirits with valiant display against Bayern Munich


Manchester United’s players put in a very focused performance against Bayern Munich and got a result they thoroughly deserved (Picture: AP)

After a long string of unfulfilled promises this season, Manchester United finally did give supporters ‘something to shout about’ as the English champions put in a brave display against arguably the best team in the world at the moment, Bayern Munich.

It was very much a backs to the wall task – the Bavarian giants consistently hovered around the 75 per cent mark for possession for the whole 90 minutes.

But Manchester United weren’t merely a defensive unit as Arjen Robben intimated after the full-time whistle – David Moyes’ side were, in fact, quite a threat through the pace and work rate of Danny Welbeck. He was unfortunate to have a fantastic individual goal disallowed early in the first half.

As the match progressed it was not at all difficult to see just why Bayern…

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