From ‘Beach Blazers’ to ‘Penalty Plimsolls’ the FA ensure Three Lions will be kitted out for success


England's new shirt will cost fans £90 (Picture: Nike) England’s new shirt will cost fans £90 (Picture: Nike)

After yesterday’s unveiling of England’s World Cup kit the Football Association will this month pull more sartorial gems from their expensively-manufactured sleeves.

Not content with sending Roy’s boys to Brazil with ‘Anthem Jackets’ backed by fans wearing ‘Stadium Shirts’ (£60), the boffins at Nike and the FA have developed a wide range of garments to help our brave Lions conquer the world.

These include ‘Beach Blazers’ for strolling on the Copacabana, ‘Half-time Hoodies’ for the disaffected subs, ‘Full-time Flip-flops’ (£19.99) for the post-match warm-down and ‘Jungle Jackets’ (£75) for pesky public appearances in steamy Manaus.

Measures have also been taken to solve England’s perennial shoot-out troubles with specially designed, breathable ‘Penalty Plimsolls’ used to release the pressure as players wait to take their kick.

Pricey: The new England kit will cost £90 (Picture: Nike) England’s new away strip (Picture: Nike)

Ian Sole, professor of foot science at the National Football Science, insists…

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