David Moyes is now even tarnishing Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United legacy – time for him to leave


Is time up for Manchester United manager David Moyes? (Picture: AP)

You cannot begrudge David Moyes taking the Manchester United job. Sir Alex Ferguson essentially told him that he would be the next manager and he had little choice but to accept. What kind of person would turn down that sort of job?

Moyes isn’t to blame for United’s current predicament. He is obscenely under-qualified for the job, so the fault lies in the hands of Ferguson for picking him and the Glazer family for appointing him.

United have youth team players who are seemingly better media trained than him. He attends press conferences, talking about how he intends to make it ‘difficult’ for Newcastle when they come to Old Trafford, and exposes himself as someone who is totally out of his depth.

[Ferguson’s] last decision as United manager was to ensure that someone totally incompetent replaced him

‘We have played a very good…

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