These people really don’t like the new pound coin


Revealed: This is what the new £1 coin will look like What on earth do you call this?! (Picture: HM Treasury/PA)

There’s a new pound coin coming everyone and it’s going to change our lives forever.

The £1 coin that we have grown to love over its 30 years of circulation is going to be usurped by a shiny, 12-sided one and boy, we’re not happy about it.

Didn’t anybody think about how this would impact on us, the general public, who rely on the pound coin daily? What the hell are we going to do when we need a trolly!

We’re upset and worried and these people are too:

1. The fear

32. The thoughts going out to the current pound coin

73. The practicalities

14. The profound statement about humanity

25. The insults

46. The confusion

57. The astute observation

68. The dread of all those awkward moments

89. And the scaremongering about what’s on the other side


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