New pound coin: Doesn’t it look just like a euro?


The new one pound coin has been deliberately designed to look just like the old threepenny bit (Picture: AP/Treasury)

For a eurosceptic government to turn the pound coin into something that looks like a euro is, frankly, a little bit bizarre.

News of this new pound coin is far more important to ordinary people than the austerity-limited tweaks to the tax system contained in today’s Budget.

‘After 30 years’ loyal service, the time is right to retire the current £1 coin,’ declares George Osborne.

The chancellor may have succumbed to Treasury madness. It’s just a coin, not a civil servant. We must pay close attention to make sure all the old £1 coins are not given pensions.

The old circular British pound is now to be replaced by something that looks  like the brainchild of a mad scientist cross-breeding a 50p and a euro. It’s a jagged two-tone affair which…

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