Is Brazil Ready for the World Cup!!!My Cable car trip through the favelas!!

Is Brazil really ready for the world?


I´m just back from a market. The smell of fresh fruit and veg still lingers. It was a beautiful and calm market. Everybody smilling at everybody. The street was perfectly clean despite all the the fruit and veg and packaging which got me thinking whether there are any markets in the favelas. For those who dont know a favela is the name given  to a slum in brazil. the name came from soldiers i n  the late 19th century who moved to rio from bahia and settled on a hill , built shanties because they´d no where else to go and named it favela after a skin irritating tree native to bahia(north east brazil).

Favelas have since increased in area and number and to this date accomodate at least 20 million people. sanitisation and infrastructure are poor. Gang crime is rampant in these places despite the police and army effort…

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