Jose Mourinho’s greatest analogies – from eggs and horses to Black and Decker (and what we think he means)

And the special one keeps making headlines


Jose Mourinho is the master of the soundbite, the king of the one-liner and prince of the peculiar/humorous analogy.

He’s be in fine form analogy-wise so far this season and has already come up with a whole new batch of classics – including banging on about horses on Monday night.

But what’s he on about? And how would less inventive managers have put it?

Here’s some of our favourite Jose-isms, and what we think it all means:

1) Tooled up

What he said: ‘The only thing I can bring more to win was a Black and Decker. A Black and Decker to destroy the [West Ham] wall.’

What he meant: We threw everything at West Ham – there’s nothing else we could have done.

How another manager might have put it: That was frustrating – we gave it our all.

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