Do You Want a Job or a Family Because You Can’t Have Both!

Very interesting article

Skipping Puddles

Article by Wendy McCance

When I was growing up, most families looked like this, there was a father who worked and a mother who stayed home with the kids.  In our home, my father traveled for work and was gone more weeks out of the year than home.  My mother worked as a substitute teacher part-time.

I envied the other kids.  The ones who had a father who seemed to only work 9-5 pm and was home every evening and on weekends.  I envied the kids whose mother never worked at all.  They never came home to a babysitter ( especially some of the rotten babysitters we had growing up).

These days, both parents work because they have to.  Jobs demand long hours and devotion to the company.  Forget about the family because your boss will make you choose, is it us or them?

Kids these days sit in empty homes…

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