10 Valentine’s Day gifts she’ll actually want

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Valentine’s Day is one of those annual celebrations that seems to have got out of hand over the years. These days, it’s over-commercialised and over-sentimentalised. Yet, woe betide any partner who fails to mark the day by buying something for their loved one.

You can’t just buy a bunch of flowers from the supermarket and be done with it though. The day is fraught with pitfalls for the poor unsuspecting other-half. Buy her nothing at all and you’ll be in the dog-house well into March, buy something too schmaltzy, ditto, throw some money at the problem and spend too much on something she doesn’t want, she’ll be equally annoyed.

So, what to do? Our advice is to go for classic, timeless gifts that no woman can resist. Here’s 10 Valentine’s Day presents that will make her love you even more (note, some do require you to know her shoe/dress size…

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