Why Liverpool fans must stop feeling sorry for themselves

They were on top of the EPL at the beginning of the season but they are dropping now. such a pity. Can they still be revived???


Liverpool might feel it was a case of two points dropped at West Brom, but this is no time for Reds fans to feel sorry for themselves.

Kolo Toure’s howler gifted the Baggies a share of the points on Sunday afternoon and I know I for one felt bitterly disappointed with the result.

Brendan Rodgers was a bit more positive though and preferred to compare how his side had taken more points from West Brom this season than they did last year.

‘We still got a point and that’s four out of six now against West Brom,’ he said. ‘We got none last year. It’s disappointing of course, but we’ll take it as a point gained.’

I like the way Rodgers always tries to take positives from disappointment, and that is always important for his players and supporters to hear.

Indeed, Liverpool don’t have time to dwell on the disappointment…

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