The name’s Bauer, Jack Bauer: New trailer shows 24 is hitting London, and hard!

Jeezz I cant wait for it to come out


The explosive new trailer for returning TV show 24: Live Another Day, that was teased this weekend at the Superbowl, not only left fans shaken and stirred – it was a masterclass in how to showcase exactly where your new series is set.

Viewing this there is no mistaking that at least some of the action must take place in old London town right? Let’s take a look at the subtle evidence:

  • Black taxi cab (with Union Jack livery)
  • Red double decker bus (surprised they didn’t use an old Routemaster)
  • Red phone box (where can you find those in the capital these days?)
  • The Gherkin (bit early to use the Shard?)
  • A parking meter
  • The sound of a UK police car’s blues and twos
  • A man in a flat cap, another in a puffa hoodie and someone wearing a Parka
  • Fellow agent Chloe seems to be dressed up as a…

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