The Love Month

This is the month of February. Also known as the Love Month. Valentine Day is around the corner. Just after recovery from the unusually long month of January many start planning towards the special love day. Here is a write-up.

I was in the checkout line at the grocery store the other day and I overheard the checker talking to the bagger. She said that she has not received a Valentine’s gift from her man in 8 years. “I’ve forgotten what it feels like”, she mused. The young bagger dude expressed appreciation for her man’s “non-Valentiney” ways and said, “That’s cool, I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day either.”
He doesn’t believe in Valentine’s Day? What does that mean? How can you not believe in Valentine’s Day?
Maybe he believes the day is over- hyped and way too commercialized. (It is.)
Maybe he believes that there shouldn’t just be one day set aside to celebrate love but that every day should be a Valentine’s Day. (It should.)
Maybe he is unromantic, inattentive, and cheap. (I believe he is probably at least two of these )
We’ll never know, but actually his notions are not uncommon. Over the last month I have conducted a very unofficial and unscientific survey of women and men, old and young, married and unmarried regarding the Valentine’s holiday. Interwoven between some hilarious stories and some very sweet and romantic gestures, I have been overwhelmed by a vague uneasiness with Valentine’s day. No one is down on love, but many are disappointed or frustrated with what to do on the day…Chocolate! Overpriced roses! Busy restaurants! Oh my.
Be afraid and dispirited NO LONGER. I’ve found the secret for a sweet successful Valentine’s Day.
Here it is: Create a SUDDEN INHALATION. Provoke a GASP!
Woven amidst every favorite Valentine’s story was one thing. A gasp. A moment for each person when their lover did something, gave something, wrote something, or said something that took their breath away. They inhaled suddenly because their wife had set something up with their boss for them to get off for a quick get-a-way, their boyfriend had picked a rose from the neighbor’s yard and left it at her door, a girlfriend had baked a cake with red hearts on the frosting when she NEVER bakes, a husband had signed them up for a line dancing class even though he DOESN’T dance.
Someone used a walkie-talkie so the candles would for sure be lit when they walked around the corner for the surprise candle-lit dinner on the beach.  A husband bought his wife a wok (Really? A wok?) and it is her favorite present to this day. How can this be? She says, “He got me. He knew what I wanted.”
Thoughtfulness. Foresight. Surprise.
Spend a little or a lot this Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t matter. Just take his breath away. Take her breath away.
In the next few days I’ll be sending out some practical and “do-able” ideas to help make your Valentine’s Day gasp worthy. But in the mean time, consider your lover. What could you do that would produce a sharp breath and the words: “She gets me.” “He gets me.” Ask his or her friends what they might like. Study up.

And, if you are single? Don’t stop reading. I have something for you. Stay tuned


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