Woman goes downstairs to make breakfast, finds puma in kitchen

If this were to happen to you what will you do???


A woman got an unwelcome morning surprise after she found a puma waiting in her kitchen.

Amalin Haddad had been making breakfast when she spotted the animal in her home in Santiago, Chile.

She said: ‘I was making breakfast and all of a sudden … I thought it was a dog because I saw its legs first, but it was a puma. A puma, a puma like those you see in the zoo.’

Making her way outside, Ms Haddad took pictures of the animal while she waited for the Agricultural and Livestock Service of Chile (SAG) to come and remove the wild cat.

Unfortunately the puma was in no rush to leave, apparently managing to remove several tranquiliser darts.

After it was finally removed the puma was taken to the national zoo, where it was treated for minor injuries.

It is not yet known how the animal made its way…

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