10 of the most overplayed (but still wonderful) 90s songs

Can remember listening and loving all these songs in the 90s’. Good to go back memory lanes. ENJOY


Some people enjoy sitting in the pub for hours with a beer, some love attending warehouse raves, others adore standing in Mayfair clubs in painful heels holding a £15 margarita.

For me, the greatest night out has always involved visiting a 90s-themed nightclub, wearing Converse and pretending I’m eight again as all the anthems that played in the car on the way to school are loudly blasted from a speaker and my equally nostalgic friends perform an eager Macarena in unison.

But for those of you who have come to terms with their age and haven’t listened to Steps since they took their first steps here are 10 of the most overplayed – but still absolutely wonderful – 90s songs.

1. Saturday Night – Whigfield

Of course we always get the order of this dance wrong. Jumping too soon, making up hand movements and even singing the wrong words. This song stayed…

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