Could Adrian Ramos or Stefan Kiessling be the unlikely answer to Arsenal’s striker hunt? The stats suggest so

Lets hope the coach takes action fast. This one we have lost two points due to our draw will not speak well o. we have to win that league this season by all means.


With Arsenal seemingly no closer to signing a striker after almost five months of searching since the close of the summer transfer window, Metro’s Massimo Marioni examines the stats to pinpoint two realistic players the Gunners could sign to help boost their title chances.

After expressing my disbelief that the Gunners have, so far, failed to land a striker after what has surely been months – if not years – of searching, I was confronted with a variety of two general responses on Twitter:

1. ‘There’s nobody out there who can significantly improve on what we’ve got.’

2. ‘Give us some names of realistic targets we could sign.’

In response to No.1, the argument that there is no one out there who is significantly better than Nicklas Bendtner is a non-starter and that is what Arsene Wenger’s priority should be; buying someone to help/cover/compete with Olivier Giroud – not…

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