How to transform stale bread and fruit that is past its best into delicious dishes

Food is the one thing that keeps the body going. Now we are having different views and ways of even bringing back the spoilt and stale ones. Check this post out and lets’ know what you feel.


Even though 800million people go to bed hungry each day, the scale of global food waste is gargantuan.

Watch activist Tristram Stuart’s TED lecture on the subject for a powerful 15-minute breakdown on the ways in which farms, supermarkets and factories are ‘haemorrhaging’ perfectly edible foods into the rubbish dumps.

Half of the food we throw away in Britain comes from our homes. The good news is that we now bin 21 per cent less edible food than we did six years ago. In terms of carbon emissions, that amounts to taking 1.8million cars off the road for a year, according to recycling organisation Wrap.

But the edibles we waste each year are still enough to fill Wembley Stadium to the brim at least five times.

The average British household throws away almost £60 of food a month, with the most commonly wasted items including salad, vegetables, fruit, bread and…

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