Setting up a blog

Well it seems everyone now wants to be bloggers. Linda Ikeji has shown us what it really takes to be a top blogger in Nigeria and we have a lot of people wanting to follow suit. But do we all know what it really takes to be a blogger??? Are we ready to make the sort of sacrifice Linda and other bloggers make just to be sure they remain relevant and have people come back over and over again to their site to check out additional contents??? Are we ready to keep getting the juicy stories and gists that will appeal to the readers at the right time and not when the news has become stale??? These are questions that deserves to be answered well by all aspiring new bloggers before they enter into blogging and pull out midway.

To the Linda Ikeji and co…..thumbs-up to you for setting the pace and making others want to be like you. You will remain forever a reference point in the history of this country. Thanks for the stories given so far as i know most just need to log on to your blog to find out what the latest gist is all about. New ideas are being formulated in blogging and we hope you remain relevant and be able to wade off those coming way way behind.

This happens to be my first post. Lets see how far i can go with this.


One thought on “Setting up a blog

  1. Welcome to blogging. Hope you wont relax like others and be serious with this if you want to go places and be like the Linda Ikejis just as you mentioned above. the sky is the limit for you.

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