Julian Draxler and who else? Will any ‘Arsenal targets’ actually come off?

That is the real question….will any Arsenal Target come off. We pray Baba Ijebu spends this money and get us more players. Someone told me over the weekend….when we arsenal was not topping the table he refused to buy players take less when Arsenal is topping the table…which kinda makes sense. But we pray he has a new approach now.


The Gunners are being linked with loads of players at the moment but will Arsenal make any signings before they transfer window closes on Friday?

To be honest, there aren’t a great number of names left on the speculation-list when it comes to Arsenal. A number of the front-runners, ones which were making all the headlines at the start of the window seem to have fallen by the way-side.

The old faithful, Salamon Kalou and Yoan Gourcuff, have both said that they are staying where they are, for this window at least, so they are no longer being linked, thankfully.

PSG and their very deep pockets mean that Arsenal aren’t even being linked with Newcastle’s Yohann Cabaye any more either.

Diego Costa and Jackson Martinez haven’t been linked in over a week and other players from Portugal who popped up on the list for a day or two have disappeared…

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